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HD Small Pixel LED Display

P1.5mm 400×300×56mm

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Excellent Display Effect

HD1.5 has exceptional display quality even when brightness is reduced to 20%.
The so-called seamless, thinnest, super-thin and barely seamless marketing can never change the fact that there are still gaps between cabinets, while fast-connector makes the real seamless splicing possible.

16:9 Design and Good Uniformity

16:9 design. Cabinet's 16:9 resolution is specialized for command center. Perfect replacement for LCD display.
Die cast aluminum cabinet, guarantee you a flat and seamless screen.
Good uniformity. Dot-to-dot correction technology provide you pure image with great gradation.

Modular Design and High Reliability

Modular design. Efficient and low cost installment and maintenance. Patented cooling system, fanless, non-noise, energy-saving and eco-friendly.
High reliability. Redundant N+1 power system, dual signal hot backup. Auto-switch and warn malfunction.

Wide View Angle

Vertical/horizontal: 160°/160°, broadcast-level color gamut, CT and brightness adjustable,more appropiate for long-time watching.

Application places

Ideal for auditorium, conference room, banquet hall and exhibition presentations, traffic, studio, command and monitor system.

Product Advantages

Color Uniformity: The LED display would present uniform color at all times with low power consumption and low temperature rise.

No Blackout during Use: Reliable communication-level power supply and rational power distribution system lead to stable and safe operation.

No Black Screen during Use: Constituted by loop transmission, intelligent switch, anti-hacker security and fault alarm, the most reliable data transmission mode is incorporated internally.

Safe Maintenance: It supports hot swapping, which is more safe and convenient for maintenance personnel.