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Outdoor Soft LED Display

P9.375 soft led curtain

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Can be installed in horizontal and vertical bending deformation
Adapt to the complex installation environment
Maintenance simple and easy, High protection class
Pixel structure design, Light transmittance as high as 60%,
Wind resistance is very low, Light weight, save space and cost

Flexible LED Strip Display is transparent led display products,it is flexible,thin, thoroughly, the ultra-light weight is suitable for stage shows, TV studios and other commercial applications.LED Curtain has the most applicability,it has the brightness between 1000-1400nits for indoor,outdoor or daylight,night application. 60% thoroughly degree enable it to resist strong wind. It’s unique structure has largely improved the efficiency of fix-up and maintenance.The LED Curtain has the less weight than the old version.It is more easier to install and assembling.